Namchak Community


The Namchak lineage of Tibetan Buddhism places great significance on retreat as a way to change the habits of the mind and achieve happiness for oneself and all beings. The Namchak Foundation was founded in North America with the purpose of supporting the Namchak lineage. Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, the spiritual leader of the lineage, tasked Lama Tsomo with creating a retreat facility for practice and study.

“If you really want to learn Spanish, the best approach is to join a total immersion program. If you really want to change the habits of your mind for the better, the best approach is retreat.” Lama Tsomo

The Foundation is guiding the building and later managing the operations of the Namchak Retreat Ranch near Hot Springs, Montana to create a space for retreat and immersion in study. As landowners, we’re seeking to apply principles of Buddhism by collaboratively working with local tribes, neighboring landowners, and natural resource specialists to make informed and mindful land management decisions.

In addition, the Foundation is developing learning, practice, and retreat curricula for all levels of students interested in Tibetan, or Vajrayana, Buddhism. Students will have the opportunity to participate in both online and in-person community learning groups. Get involved today by joining our e-news list to receive notices of teachings and retreat opportunities.

Internationally, the Foundation works to support the Namchak lineage in Tibet in its historic and geographic range, including efforts to rebuild monasteries, revive the traditional annual prayer festivals, print and distribute texts of the lineage, and train “barefoot doctors” to decrease the shockingly high rate of deaths in childbirth.

By making the practices of traditional Tibetan Buddhism accessible to the West, we will offer time-honored, scientifically proven methods to help change mental habits in ways that reduce suffering and ultimately help create a world in which we and all beings may lead deeper, happier and more fulfilled lives. Within the practices of the Namchak lineage and under the spiritual guidance of Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, we are attempting to provide just the right peaceful, pristine, and natural environment to support people in this work. A key aspect of that support is the availability of both Tibetan and Western guidance.

To perpetuate the teaching of the Namchak lineage and create the next generation of teachers and practitioners.

To provide opportunities and facilities for practitioners to connect with, learn from, and follow in the path of the Dharma.

Guiding Principles
Be Openhearted:
 We respect and work to understand cultures, traditions, and communities in the West and strive to practice and live the Dharma in harmony.

Be Good Stewards:  Under the spiritual direction of Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, we are stewards of this lineage and culture, certainly; and that stewardship extends equally to the land, water, animals, and places that are in our care at retreat facilities.

Be True:  We strive to live the Dharma authentically, which means we respect practitioners and all people, communities, and cultures with whom we come in contact.